Tadacip.net is a marketing website that has been created to promote and inform on an erectile dysfunction drug called Tadacip. This drug is manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical giant Cipla and basically is a generic version of the well known ED drug Cialis.

Upon accessing Tadacip.net, it becomes clear that the creators of the site wanted any first-time visitor to get all the important information straight away. All crucial details relating to the drug can be found on the homepage. Additionally, the website has a FAQ page. On the page, visitors can get clear answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Tadacip.

The website’s layout is simple but pleasing, with several appropriate pictures being used in deferent parts of the website to highlight the content in specific areas.

The website has three main menu links that have been positioned at the top of the homepage. These include company contacts, user reviews and a link directing would-be buyers to an online drug store where Tadacip, as well as other ED drugs, can be bought.